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Güray Alüminyum

As a natural consequence of the rapid increase in the needs of the aluminum sector in parallel to the
developing country, in the middle of 2011, GÜRAY ALUMINYUM was founded by Feridun Güray in İstanbul Dudullu İmes Industrial Site. Years of experience and self-confidence have encouraged us to take part in this sector.

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Uses of Aluminum

Aviation and Defense Industry

Aluminum and aluminum based alloys are widely used in the aviation and defense industry due to their specific strength and high corrosion resistance. At the same time, their use in this industry has been significantly increased thanks to the weld ability of the aluminum alloys

Automotive Industry

There is an indispensable method of saving fuel and reducing harmful emission gases: besides the design itself, the materials are used reducing the weight of the vehicles. In this process Aluminum alloys make a great contribution.

Construction and Building

The construction sector uses 1.2 million tons of aluminum in Europe, 1.05 million tons in the US and
915,000 tons of aluminum in Japan annually. Aluminum is used in roof and facade of buildings, doors and windows, stairs, roof frame, scaffoldings and greenhouse construction.

Machine and Mold Industry

Aluminum is widely used in the mold and machine industry due to its easy processing characteristics, corrosion resistance, heat conductivity.

Shipbuilding and Marine Industry

In shipbuilding and marine industry, Aluminum keeps the center of gravity of the craft even further down and increases the balance of the craft, thus providing more usage volume.

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  • Fully Automatic Precision Cutting
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